Wicked East Press: Under the Stairs

Now Available: Under the Stairs

Wicked East Press: Under the StairsLooking for something gruesome for your stocking stuffers this year? Just in time for the holidays, the horror anthology Under the Stairs is now available, also featuring my short story, “Against Our Better Judgment”.

It sounds like the beginning of a joke: A vampire and a werewolf meet in a New Orleans graveyard to settle an old score. But this joke goes horribly wrong.

Under the Stairs is available at the Pill Hill Press Book Shoppe, Amazon, and B&N. Don’t you want a few scares before the end of the year?

When things go bump in the night and unusual sounds echo through your empty house; do you hide under the covers with your eyes squeezed tight, praying the icy air will warm and the ragged breathing will go away?

These 37 stories drag the nasties out of the dark and shine light on all the things you thought were only in your nightmares.

Do you dare to look Under The Stairs?

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