Wednesday Updates

I’ve really wanted to practice sewing some more lately. I haven’t used my sewing machine in a while, and I’m beginning to miss it. Unfortunately this month I’m unusually busy, so my free time has been limited. Maybe after Thanksgiving has come and gone I’ll find some more time to piece together the apron I’ve been working on.

Got quite a bit more in today on my secret side project, and I *think* it is about finished. I’ll have to look over it one last time of course, but overall I’m pretty pleased! And although I haven’t officially hit my NaNo word requirements the last few days, I am having to be much more cautious with my wording. It’s not quite the same as the word spewing I’m doing in my NaNo novel right now, hehe.

Words: 1,521
Total Words for 2011: 120,178

Yay – NaNo word count widgets are up too! *Happy dance* Keeping track of one less group of numbers always makes me happy.

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