Tracking NaNo Writing Goals

I feel like I’m doing something dirty here – including word counts from a secret side project on my NaNo wrod count, but folks I’ve talked to assure me that it makes sense. It is writing that I’m doing during NaNo, even if it isn’t involving my main storyline. *Sigh*

Even though I do rebel against the traditional NaNo rules, even I like to try to play more in the lines than this. But no big deal, I’ll just secretly try to get enough words into my Secrets of Leekston novel to make up for it. At least… that’s the plan at this point.

Words: 1,207
Total Words for 2011: 118,657
(While I was at it I went ahead and added the rest of my writing project to my annual writing track. That’s not part of NaNo at least, right? 😀 )

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