Six Sentence Sunday – An Abomination

This is a short bit from my unedited draft that is currently in progress, so do try to ignore any grammar issues. This is one of many intense scenes from the beginning, and I’ve gotten 25k into the book so far and I’m still not at the true action planned. Though the first book was a dark YA novel, somehow I don’t think this will be able to be classified as such. It’s strange not quite knowing what your audience will be when you write.

Setup: Terrance is being held against his will by the doctor. He just witnessed footage from a horrific scene of surgery, and tried to get free from his gurney.

Terrance gulped for breath as he stood awkward and exposed against the bed. “Why are you doing this to me?”

Gilliman sighed and walked over to put his elbows on the bed where Terrance’s legs had been shackled. He did this as leisurely as a man might lean over the deck of his porch watching the clouds move across the sky. “Because you are… an abomination. You are an insult to all the natural world and even though my employers believe you’re somehow useful, I think we can be just as good – if not far better.”

Aren’t mad scientists creepy and fun? Gilliman sends shivers down my spine even quoting him. Maybe that’s because I know how deranged the man is.

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