Edits, edits, edits

Been slogging my way through edits today and just finished Chapter 5. I forgot how much stuff happens in that first few chapters! But I think I’ve put in *most* of the major scenes that I wanted. Most of the work that needed to be done was in the first few chapters. In fact, I’ve added a prologue, completely rewritten Chapter 1, and added a few scenes and characters. Now as I’m going through the regular edits, it’s just making sure that I keep my facts straight. It’s a lot to keep up with, but the results (I believe!) will be worth it!

Now heading off to detox my brain for a bit. If you need me, I’ll likely be on a game of some sort. 😉

Summary: A ten-year-old girl named Suzie has her small, close-knit world fall apart around her. Her family just moved to the town of Leekston at the beginning of summer, and she and a boy named Fred struck up a friendship almost immediately. But something watches them from the woods, waiting to strike. As Suzie’s life falls apart around her, can she solve the mystery of what’s really going on in this strange rural town?

Project: Suzie’s Nightmare – Draft 3
Deadline: 9/30/2011 – Coming along quite well for this deadline!
New words written: 380
Present total word count: 81,327
Total Word Count for 2011: 101,640

Suzie investigates the disappearance and ends up getting into an argument with Caroline. Not too much added as far as a word count, but it’s mostly edit work anyway. I’m always either taking out or adding in, so I guess it evens out afterwards. I’m about halfway to catching up with what my second volunteer editor has read, so I’m excited to *almost* be done.

Feels like I’m always *almost* done with this piece – but each revision gets me a little bit closer to a finished, shinier piece!

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