Rawr – More Writing!

Finally shrugged off the writing slump I’ve been in for a bit. This bit that I’ve written certainly isn’t the most thrilling bit of the story, but it’s necessary for the plot to unfold the way I have planned. And it sets up the environment a bit more so that there’s not this foggy block from one room to the next within the school. Sure, it’s not necessary to give every brick a name, but there needs to be more explanation about where things are. Just glad to have gotten some writing in over lunch! =D

Summary: A ten-year-old girl named Suzie has her small, close-knit world fall apart around her. Her family just moved to the town of Leekston at the beginning of summer, and she and a boy named Fred struck up a friendship almost immediately. But something watches them from the woods, waiting to strike. As Suzie’s life falls apart around her, can she solve the mystery of what’s really going on in this strange rural town?

Project: Suzie’s Nightmare – Draft 3
Deadline: 9/30/2011 – We’ll see, deadline! We’ll see!
New words written: 2,088
Present total word count: 80,947
Total Word Count for 2011: 101,260

Suzie and Fred meet up at lunch and discuss their morning adventures. Suzie describes the trash talk Kate and her friends were doing, and Fred explains in not-quite-full detail how he got his bruises and bandages. Don’t worry – he’ll divulge more in future chapters!

4 thoughts on “Rawr – More Writing!

    • Haha sounds like you’re back down to a normal workload again! Lately my workload at my FT has been eating into my mental resources for writing time.

      And hopefully the summary will grab people’s attention. I’m anxious to continue writing my second book, so getting through the edits/rewrites on this one just feels much slower. Ah well, I guess that’s something to expect! Thanks for dropping by!

      • Oh, the summary will definitely get people’s attention. How far until it’s completed?

        I like starting new books, but enjoy as much the wordsmithing of a WIP. It’s fun to see if I can put my exact thoughts and feelings on paper. Sometimes, it’s quite a struggle.

      • Well I’m working on rewriting bits of it, and slowly adding more scenes to flesh out the world. The beginning (as always for me) was in definite need of additional scenes. But I’m hoping to have this part of the editing done within the next month or so, then it’s off for a final review of the sections I’ve added. So… hopefully by the end of the year. Then I can finally begin shopping it around to find a home. =)

        The wordsmithing is quite fun, but I think my favorite part of writing books is watching the multiple threads come together to surprise the reader. I have a lot of stuff that goes on in the background, and then when it finally does come to the forefront, sparks fly!

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