Finding a Bloodbath

I’m honestly not trying to ignore my blogs this week, but my internet has been out since Saturday and it looks like we won’t get it back again until this Saturday. *sigh* Got to love AT&T and their monopoly in our area… But I did manage to get some writing in today over lunch! So pleased too, because I was getting rusty on writing Fred and Suzie in kid form.

So I need to calculate my current novel size to keep me motivated. So take the old book and subtract the the first chapter, then add in what I’ve added to the book so far…

Summary: A ten-year-old girl named Suzie has her small, close-knit world fall apart around her. Her family just moved to the town of Leekston at the beginning of summer, and she and a boy named Fred struck up a friendship almost immediately. But something watches them from the woods, waiting to strike. As Suzie’s life falls apart around her, can she solve the mystery of what’s really going on in this strange rural town?

Project: Suzie’s Nightmare – Draft 3
Deadline: 9/30/2011 (still gonna keep with this, darn it!)
New words written: 1,053
Present total word count: 76,489 -5,986= 70,503 So total is: 74,245
Total Word Count for 2011: 94,558

Fred and Suzie find the bloodbath in the woods, in a much simpler form than I had originally put down. Now that I have a better idea of what they’re up against, I added some interesting mysterious twists to the scene to give them something to ponder. And to tickle their curiosity for later in the novel. By the way, I’m really having fun with Kate the new child antagonist of the piece! She’s a bit of a jerk (okay a BIG jerk), but that’s not entirely a surprise considering who her father is…

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