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I blame Writer Beware for getting my brain rolling on self-publishing applications. I’ve got a number of short stories in the mix right now, many of which have been out waiting to be picked up by a publisher for months. As a writer, I can’t deny the temptation to try self-publishing out to see what I think. Even if it is just to say that I’ve experienced it.

A Guide to Publishing an Ebook on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords

Artists for Book Covers – In my opinion, this would be the hardest step for self-publishing a book or novelette. You want to find an artist that is not going to break your wallet, but still be original and truly draw attention to your book. Browsing this page, I’ve already found two potentials:

Wayne Palesado – A Horror artist whose werewolf work looks particularly gruesome.

Oliver Wetter – My only concern here is that his stuff looks so polished, that I bet getting him to design an ebook cover would be a pain on my pocket. =)

Clare Hulfish – Who I admit won me over with her creepy Coraline-esque leaf eater photo. That just sums up the type of artwork I have an affinity for, a mixture of creepy, whimsical, and fantastic all rolled into one.

And finally, Murder Must Advertise, a handy site for questions regarding self-published mystery novels, but a bunch of this advice would be useful for all types of novels.

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