Couldn’t Put Him Back Together Again

Whew, that was a short – but extremely FUN piece! Turned out to be around 5.5k words and a bunch of gore on top of that. Regulus’ voice is certainly unorthodox for him, but if he’s Sirius’ brother, I imagine the guy had to have a sense of humor. And true, he wasn’t entirely a ‘good guy’ in the books, but in the end I think everyone agrees that he turned out to be better than folks gave him credit for. I just like to think he was a better person for a longer amount of time.

Summary: Regulus Black discusses life as an inferi, living with his new deadbeat neighbors, and then gets a surprise visit from mister tall, dark, and reptilian himself. Apparently Voldemort wasn’t quite finished with him, even though he is technically dead now.

Project: My Life as a Dead Man: Regulus Black, Post-Mortem
For: Zombie Bang
Deadline: September 12, 2011
New words written: 1,938
Present total word count: 5,573
Total Word Count for 2011: 73,066

Piece by piece, limb by limb, Regulus gets put together again. Though not quite in the best way. His “saviors” aren’t exactly world-renowned surgeons or anything, and they rely on magic to do the work. Which is great, but you still need a basic understanding of anatomy. Poor ol’ Reggie!

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