Take a Deep Breath

No writing done today, but I did get some preparations done for my agent search to be started soon. Signed up for an account on Writer’s Market (finally) and located some convenient How-To’s on writing query letters. Found a few potential agents to query and cross referenced them with info on the Absolute Write “Water Cooler” so that I could verify the information I was getting. I admit I’m terribly nervous about this next step just because I’m actually going to be advertising for my book. The following books in the series are going to be darker than the first, so that’s one caveat I’ll need to make clear as well.

I just need to take a deep breath and work with it, right?

I need to go through the first list of edits I got back before I send out my first query letter I think. That way at least it will have some decent editing underway before I start sending it around. So I’ve got some time left, but I just like to have my plans in order.

Also here’s a useful link I found regarding word count and book genre:
Discusses the typical word counts of books for different genres, and why more words is not always better.

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