Updates and News, Long Overdue

Well its back to work after a week of self-imposed Spring Break. Went hiking, visited the zoo, and even got the edits done on my novel. Yay! I sent copies off to my three trusted folks and have asked for any and all feedback. So I’m sure I’ll be waiting a few months for them to get back to me, but it’ll definitely be worth it. I’m excited and nervous at the same time to see what they say. They’re all book nerds and 2/3 are family, so I hope they’re honest with me and don’t cut corners. Cause I doubt the public will be as forgiving. 😉

So I’m done with writing for a bit. Reading on a pre-release copy of Embedded I won over on Goodreads. It’s a military sci-fi piece, and so far its quite entertaining. It really opens my eyes once again to how little you have to say in order to get your audience to follow your world. I always think it has to be spelled out, silly me. I’ll be sure to give a detailed review once I’m done though, if you’re curious.

As far as my short stories go, its par for the course. I got two pieces accepted last year, both unexpectedly and one was the first venue I offered it up to. These latest four have been a bit more difficult. Things I like to write about (ie. werewolves, if you didn’t know that already) are just not popular in the short story world. Unless there’s a romance involved, and I just don’t write that kind of thing.

On a side note, my long-time friend Lisa recently published her first e-book Across the Veil which I plan on reading as soon as it comes out in Barnes and Noble for my Nook. I admit, I don’t normally read paranormal romances, but I’m always willing to try new stuff. I don’t normally go for military science fiction either, yet here I am.

So that’s all on my end the past few weeks. I’m sure it’ll take a little while for my eyes to get clear of seeing Suzie’s Nightmare all over the place. Once that fog’s lifted though, I do plan on diving into a sequel. I’ve got lots of ideas for this world, and I plan on writing them.

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    • Thanks! Definitely an uphill battle, but its worth it! Just have to keep ourselves motivated, right?

      Always great to see fellow writers drop by. =)

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