Article Dropoff

Found a few interesting articles today that I thought others might appreciate.

  • Changing the Subject: On Darkness — Sarah Porter From YA: Outside the Lines. I thought this was an interesting take from an author who’s published a darkly themed YA novel herself and the feedback she got on it. Considering the types of stories she describes kids of that age writing, it’s strange to think that that same content wouldn’t be considered for them to read. Personally I’d rather see it first in a book before I ever had to deal with themes like that in real life.
  • How to Donate an Ebook to a Library As someone who’s looking to buy an ebook reader in the next few months (holding out for a tax refund), I found this very interesting. There’s a large variety of books available for ebook checkout now from your local library, but as you can imagine, not as many as you’d like to see. The only drawback I see to doing this is that you have to purchase the license ability for the library to use, where normally you’d just drop the read book off. With library hours becoming thinner and due to our library’s very small book supply, having the option to checkout more eBooks is definitely a plus to me.

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