Great News!

Had amazing news over the weekend. A new short story of mine was accepted over at Pink Narcissus Press (PNP). It’s a steampunk retelling/continuation of the classic Chicken Little tale. It’s really cool to see that a story that was inspired by PNP’s prompt actually was accepted at PNP. I was preparing myself a mental list of where to resubmit it when I got the inevitable rejection letter (which I always do when sending out potential short stories). But instead I was pleasantly surprised.

Now for the details. They’re finishing up their “Elf Love” anthology at the moment, so the “Happily Ever After” anthology probably won’t be published until July of next year. Which does mean I’ll be waiting a bit, but honestly I don’t have a problem at all with that. It’ll be a nice surprise next year once I’ve forgotten about it.

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