Sequel to Night Feeders in the Works

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted any new writing up here. I’ve been cleaning up my final edit of Suzie’s Nightmare in preparation for shipping around to agents in a few weeks. I tell you what, no matter how many times I go through edits, they’re always a hassle. Motivation is my biggest enemy when edits are involved.

I’ve been posting in a few areas trying to get some more notice for Night Feeders lately, over on Reddit and in the Amazon forums. Hopefully something will come of it. Self-promotion is definitely not easy – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

This is a working sequel of Night Feeders, and will be continuing Colton Fen’s adventures as he works for the mysterious “agency out East”. I’m planning on this being a series of self-published stories that I may end up collecting into a book later. I’m kind of thinking of them as episodes.

Summary: An old abandoned shack just outside the bustling city of Pikes Peak is riddled with malicious spirits. Werewolf detective Colton Fen has been assigned a vampire partner this time to handle the troublesome ghosts, but even their combined strength may not be enough to dissuade the poltergeists from plucking victims from the outskirts of town.

Project: Ghosts of Pikes Peak (working title)
Current total words: 2,273

Total Words for 2012: 11,854


An hour or so later the shadows were long outside, and Colton was on his third drink. Normally he wasn’t one for drinking with a high priority mission on the table, but considering he was going to be waiting for a while, and who he was going to be stuck working with, he didn’t give a damn. Most of the celebrators had slunk out to be replaced with the much quieter saloon regulars, and Rennick was singing along with a group of girls around the piano, eying each of them up and down. Colton couldn’t decide if he thought they were attractive as a date or a meal.

Six Sentence Sunday – Judge & Executioner

I haven’t done a Six Sentence Sunday post in quite a while it seems! I looked over my previous entries and realized I hadn’t done one yet this year. So I thought I ought to remedy that. This bit is from Night Feeders, a western horror novelette now available on most eBook platforms.

Setup: Motley wandered into the wrong town, and Sheriff Ritters wants to make an example out of him. Of course, Ritters is always looking for an excuse to do that.

Ritters sought to handle legal matters his own way: criminals were tried in the open street, and the speed of his pistols served as both judge and executioner.

Above them, the giant town clock ticked the seconds by with little remorse. Once, it had been the symbol of the adventurous frontier spirit in this small, dusty town, and now the fact that it even worked at all against the dirt and wind which tore through town year by year was a tiny miracle. It hammered the seconds out like a horse being driven by a cruel master, until finally at the strike of noon it released its out-of-tune chimes.

No sooner had the first chime rung than Ritters let loose a series of gunshots. The first bullet lodged in Motley’s shooting arm—he’d barely gotten his gun out of the holster before he was struck.

The full story is now available as an eBook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. Be sure to drop by Six Sentence Sunday to see what other action-packed teasers have been posted!

Night Feeders is Alive and Kicking

A western tale with a supernatural twist, Night Feeders is a difficult story to pin down. It resists staying put in a proper genre, and dances around somewhere between a horror and western, with bouts of humor taking hold along the way. Humor in my stories tends to veer along the lines of American Werewolf in London. One minute you’re horrified, then next you crack a smile because laughing after that scene just wouldn’t seem right in a way.

The story follows the sad decrepit town of Clarkville and the ominous secret Sheriff Ritters keeps hidden below. If you’re a fan of the supernatural, and enjoy a good western such as The Quick and the Dead, then this story ought to please.

Now available at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords.

By the way, I’m still trying to get Amazon to put Clawbinder up for free as well. If you have a moment, and want to help me get my free book up properly on the site, try the following:

  1. Scroll down to “Tell us about a lower price”
  2. Choose Website
  3. Give the link for Barnes and Noble or Smashwords (where it’s free).
  4. Set the price and shipping cost to 0.
  5. Click Submit Feedback.
  6. Thanks in advance! 🙂

The reason for this is kind of long-winded, but good to know in my opinion. I used to have this listed to be distributed via Smashwords since it allows for a free publication like this to be pushed around to multiple venues. However after a few weeks of waiting for the status to change from “Fixing conversion problems with Amazon” I discovered that this was not my fault. Apparently there are a bunch of authors who had to give up on Smashwords’ distribution to Amazon, and were then forced to upload directly instead.

To be honest, I’m not sure which company is to blame. All I know is that as an author, I’m missing out on potential readers because free eBooks are a challenge to post.