The Sky is Falling

Carefully, cautiously, the five ladies followed the swish of Mr. Loxy’s reddish cloak to the dark warehouse. This part of town was bad enough by itself, but the building looked like it had barely survived the last bomb raid. The shutters were singed in places and several of the windows had been boarded up. The doorway had partially collapsed, leaving only a small opening where they could enter.

“And you’re certain that it did fall from the sky, yes?” he was tightening his fingerless gloves as he spoke, and the five shorter women had to move quickly to keep up with him.

“Yes, yes,” Ms. Little whispered. “Out of the sky like a fiery bolt from the heavens! You don’t think it’s really…”

“The Sky is Falling” is a steampunk retelling of the classic fairy tale Chicken Little. You can find it as part of Pink Narcissus PressRapunzel’s Daughters, published July 2011.



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