The Fury of Kanta

The Fury of Kanta

Book 4 of the Wolves of Kanta Series


It didn’t matter that Mercy found a cure for lycanthropy or fended off bloodthirsty werewolves in Crowsmirth. Oscar the hunter still found her. Finding herself in a place she never wanted to return to again, her captor insists she play a twisted game.

Oscar wants to be the father she never had, and Mercy his doting daughter. Refusal is not an option. Plotting to escape while playing along is dangerous, but Mercy is determined to get home.

She must unravel the mystery of her parents’ past and conceal her growing fury if she hopes to see her friends again.

Released December 20, 2022

Young Adult, Dark Fantasy, Werewolves, Love, Science, Morality

The Wolves of Kanta Series