Merciless Waters

Merciless Waters
By: Rae Knowles

A crew of women sail the dark waters of the Adriatic Sea. They have no past, no future, and live only in the present.

We follow Jaq, a woman who serves as part of the crew on the Scylla. They pull a sunburned man out of the ocean. Jaq’s girlfriend, Lily, becomes smitten with the man and leaves Jaq for him, blatantly showing off their relationship to the entire crew. Jealousy grows within Jaq as the man brings bad luck to the ship along with terrible memories she had long forgotten.

A story that weaves dark folklore and wicked fantasy into a horrific tale filled with heartbreak, loss, and the enigmatic mystery of the crew’s existence. I was instantly drawn in to this surreal and disturbing world.

This is the first I’ve read of Knowles’ work and I look forward to reading more from her!

This book releases on November 14th from Brigid’s Gate Press. Make sure you pre-order your copy and prepare for a beautifully written sapphic tale of dark folklore.

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