Setting Up an Art Booth

So I talk a lot here about setting up an author booth in my Author Vending series. But I also get experience being a helper at shows too. My sister is an artist, and her work is actually the reason we started going to festivals and shows to begin with.

Much of the practice we’ve had with display, booth traffic flow, air flow, etc. we’ve gotten through the art shows because usually they’re outdoors and you get full control of the look and feel of your area. It’s great to have that freedom, even though it does mean a lot of physical work at times.

I wanted to share a video from one of her recent setup videos at the Grant Park Summer Shade Festival, located beside Zoo Atlanta. We both watched a ton of setup videos for authors and artists before we started attending our own festivals, so I always recommend that to people getting started. The good part is that once you get materials, you can use them again and again, though the first year is usually your biggest investment.

Check out the video below, and make sure you check out her website at and her Youtube channel. You get to see how much we struggled with the tent this time too haha! Though the end result is definitely worth it!

4 thoughts on “Setting Up an Art Booth

  1. The video is excellent. You must have a lot of people who want to work in your profession but are unable to find ways to begin. I appreciate what you are doing here.

    • I think in any field where you have to handle so much of the work and materials yourself, it’s great to get any kind of support along the way. I know I was daunted a couple of years ago when we first started considering all of this. I wish I had access to more resources like this when I was getting started!

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