Spiderman In and Out Of Costume

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So today’s news item is a piece that’s been going around in fan circles, but I’m not seeing a lot of big coverage for it. Let me explain the scene first. When celebrities step out of a show or building, they often get mobbed by people who want autographs. However what I’ve recently learned is that not all of these people are fans, pushing merchandise forward to get a signatures, but folks who plan to just sell it online and make some easy money.

At one of these abrupt signings, one of Tom Holland’s fans was pushed into the railing in the process, and nearly had a panic attack because of how little space she had. I can’t find the video anymore, but the camera is pointed up at the sky because she was pushed so far down by the guys pushing pieces to get signed. This is unfortunately a common experience for fans attempting to get autographs though. Lots of people have shared horror stories about it.

Tom Holland, though, in true Spider-man fashion, demanded the other people to back up and give the girl room, even threatening at one point that he would throw their pieces on the ground if they didn’t. The girl stated she was about to have a panic attack, and Tom promised that he was going to get her out of there and make sure she was okay.

Check out the full article linked below to see what Tom said about it afterwards.


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