I Didn’t Mean to Call You a Meatloaf, Jack!

A fun romp through some excellent werewolf movies, with a focus on werewolf transformations in particular. A few were mentioned that I actually haven’t seen before too.

His Best Friend is a Panda

So why did I want to write about werewolves, at least for my first novel or three?

Well, for a few reasons. Firstly, werewolves are kickass and anyone who says different is a dirty liar. Secondly, because everyone else seems to be writing about zombies, and I’m all rebellious and non-conformist and whatnot. And thirdly, because werewolves have always scared the living crap out of me… but perhaps not for the reasons you’d expect.

My relationship with lycanthropes goes back over thirty years, to when I was a little boy with a big imagination. In those days one of the local TV networks (Crom bless ‘em) used to play a late-night horror flick every Sunday, and my older siblings sometimes used to stay up to watch them. Not that I ever had the guts to join them – no, I was tucked up safely in bed, trying not to listen…

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