Fall is Coming

So this is not normally how I bring in the fall season, getting felled by some weird stomach bug, but sometimes you can’t prepare for things like this. Sometimes life has other plans for how to appreciate the chillier mornings. Last week I ended up working from home most of the time which made me feel rather more like a slug, and of course co-workers were wondering what had happened to me, you know how that is.

Today I spread some bug killer throughout the yard and tackled the laundry, so I guess that means I’m feeling better. I got the second round of info sent to Zharmae last week, so that’s out of the way. Edits have been coming along slowly but surely with Pikes Peak. I think I’m almost halfway through the manuscript before I start sending it off to my two friends who are my initial editors. I’m excited to see it coming along, and the cleaned up version is going to be quite enjoyable methinks.

Anyway I’ve got company coming soon, so I’d best stop being lazy. Hope everyone is having a great second day of Fall!

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