Halloween Musings

I love October. Fall and spring are easily my favorite times of the year, simply because I like an excuse to wear jackets and boots. And of course, I love Halloween! Werewolves are some of my favorite movie monsters around, and although I’m a bit nit-picky when it comes to my favorite werewolf shows, October gives me an excuse to pester my friends to re-watch my favorites.

So I figure this October I’ll do my best to post some clips of Halloween movies that I simply love. Let me of course warn you that most of them are going to include werewolves in some form or fashion. Not each of them – but quite a few at least. 😉

A bit of background for these episodes I suppose is in order. They’re from a 1980s series called simply “Werewolf” that follows a young guy turned into a lycanthrope, and his mission to try to kill his creator. In this lore, if you kill the one that bit you, then you are turned human again. They also use the idea that a bloody pentagram appears on the hand before a change. Pretty amusing series, and well worth a watch if you’ve never seen it.

Episode 14: All Hallow’s Eve*

Episode 16: Nightmare at the Braine Hotel*

* Please forgive the horrible quality of these videos. The only episodes around are ones folks had to tape off TV back in the 80s. The company still hasn’t released any of them out on DVD due to copyright issues regarding the music.

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