Got My Hat and Trusty Sandals Ready!

So I’m heading off on vacation tomorrow. You know it’s a bad sign when you’re setting up your email vacation notifications and you discover your last *real* vacation was five months ago. Especially when it’s summertime! I know I’ll be attending a graduation, but I’m sooo looking forward to spending a few days on the beach, soaking up some sunshine, and reading my little heart out. That’s another thing – I actually may have a bunch of time to read! Not to mention playing in the turf and maybe play a bit of volleyball with some friends.

But the tough part is figuring out what to read on vacation. I’m almost finished with The Secret Garden, and I can either read on Wizards and Glass, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, or Night Walker. Quite a variety there, and figuring out which one to curl up with during the drive or on the beach is always tough. What do you guys think? Stephen King’s heavy sci-fi/fantasy, epic wizard battles, or a vampiric romance? Dang I also need to make sure I get everything I want downloaded to my Nook before we head out. Nothing worse than not having internet available on the long drive and not having a book at hand!

*Off to finish packing!*

2 thoughts on “Got My Hat and Trusty Sandals Ready!

  1. I always go with Stephen King, but then I’m biased. Take them all, you never know and nothing is worse than time on your hands and nothing to read. Have fun!

    • Hey he’s always a fun writer to fall back on! And I’ve been wanting to finish his Dark Tower series for a while now. I love his creepy mix of scifi, horror, and western. 😉

      Thanks – I’m definitely looking forward to it!

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