Learning to Play Nice

So last week ended on a bit of a crazy note. Well a family member’s wallet got stolen, so they needed a ride around town to do a police report, notify agencies with phone calls, and other urgent, panicky duties. I had to leave work early to be an impromptu chauffeur. So not a lot of fun there, but things are beginning to quiet down now at least. Had movie night with friends over the weekend and did a bunch of work on the front bed of our house. It’s coming along quite nicely, even though I ache all over today. Digging trenches and lugging stone blocks around is definitely tiring before starting the long work week. But it’ll all be worth it once it starts wrapping up.

In other news, our new kitty Watson is playing along quite nicely with our resident kitty athlete, Salem. Watson was even allowed to visit downstairs and hang out all day yesterday, a privilege Salem had been reluctant to give up for the last few weeks. They were sharing windows, playing, and even had a good time chasing each other up and downstairs. I’m pretty sure Watson’s going to lose his extra few pounds with Salem playing with him every day. Winking smile


In other news, I got some news last week from Pink Narcissus Press that I’ll try to post about in more detail later. Complete with images!

2 thoughts on “Learning to Play Nice

  1. Thanks Kati! Yeah she’s had quite a time trying to get everything sorted out. I’ve never been in that situation before, but seeing what she’s had to deal with – I’m hope I never do!

    Yes, the kitties are finally learning to play nice. Amazing how that improves your home life. They’re even figuring out the whole dominance thing which always seems weird, but whatever it takes to make them comfortable I suppose.

    Happy cats help make a happy home. =)

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