Nice, Quiet Day for Editing

A nice, quiet Sunday for editing, to be exact. Yesterday was fun, but pretty busy as we spent lunchtime with our Aunt. She took us out to Olive Garden for soup, salads, and bread sticks. Mmmm. Then we hung out and enjoyed the unseasonably warm 70-degree weather with the kitties. Then last night we went and played some Pathfinder until late and then things degenerated into Youtube videos and Netflix fun. A-Team followed by a bit of MST3K. Not a bad evening.

Making plans for fixing up our yard today, and I’m met with the strange realization that I don’t know the first thing about caring for a lawn lol. So it looks like I’ll be trying to figure that out this year. I don’t even know what type of grass we have, and sloping backyard is filled with crabgrass. =/

We also have a Home Owner’s Association annual meeting this week, which should prove to be interesting. Everybody wants to pay less for the HOA, but they still want the pool fixed up. I don’t quite understand the logic there, but okay. Tonight it’s out to eat with my folks, to celebrate my mom finishing up her dissertation for her PhD last week. She’s now officially referred to as “Dr.” now which is freaking awesome.

So here’s the progress of my editing, and I just counted up that I have only 4 chapters left, since next up is chapter 15. I’m revising titles as I finish each chapter too. Some of the original chapter titles are just downright silly imo. (“Playing with Fire” is just too cliche, don’t you agree?)

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