The Impostor

Link by Link

“‘I wear the chain I forged in life,’ replied the Ghost. ‘I made it link by link…’”
– Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

Link by Link is a collection of 11 stories of ghosts, spirits, and creatures unnamed, all come to teach lessons we won’t soon forget. From sweet Christmas tales to terrifying holiday hauntings, these stories take a dive into the past in the hopes of creating a better—or at least different—future.

The Impostor

Janice lives in a nursing home and each day she tries to forget her past. She carries a bitterness with her that she can’t quite shake. One day she sees the impossible through the window out beside the bird feeder: her beloved Daisy who she lost so long ago. Only Janice is horrified to discover that she’s the only one who can see her. She’ll soon learn that’s only the beginning.

Coming soon in Link by Link being published by Filles Vertes Anthology on 12/1/2020.


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