Maybe you need to be the one lying down

Long time no see! Writing has been an off and on project for me for the past few days (weeks?), but I’m getting back into the swing of things. My excuse? Yard work! My weekend has been full of it. A good portion of our back yard is on the edge of the woods and is simply full of vines, a few of which would make some excellent Tarzan vines. My dad could put his full weight on one without it ever budging. The downside is that I ended up getting eaten up by mosquitoes over the weekend, and had my first encounter with ticks. Who the heck decided it would be good for those things to live in trees, huh? I swear I’m still dealing with phantom itching after that!

In other news, at work our main website finally went live! *cheer!* Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s probably not a big deal to most folks, but it’s a huge weight off my shoulders for a bit. I’m not too crazy about having to go home and work some more on a project only to wake up the next day and hop right on the horse again. I can do that for a few days but after a week of that, I begin to feel burn-out. It’s amazing how that sort of mental fatigue can easily cut into your creative juices. At the end of the day, I could barely concentrate on my WIPs. Thank goodness we’re coming up to a three-day weekend!

Project: Ghosts of Pikes Peak

Summary: The old, abandoned Davis Farm just outside the bustling city of Pikes Peak is riddled with malicious spirits. Werewolf detective Colton Fen has been assigned to a half-vampire partner, Rennick Dalton, to handle the troublesome ghosts, but even their combined strength may not be enough to dissuade the poltergeists from plucking victims from the outskirts of town. Is this a simple case of ghost infestation or is there something far more malicious going on in the farmhouse?

Current total words: 36,649
New words written: 4,266

Progress in Story: To be fair, this is progress over several days here. Though I think I got around 2k in for today. Our folks have a disturbing run-in with a creepy kid and Colton finds himself having conflicting emotions about a certain someone. Sometimes his emotions do fly like a roller coaster, and I’m literally just on for the ride. It’s the quiet guys though, they tend to have those rip-tides going beneath the surface.

Total Words for 2012: 46,230