Dixie Alley hammered by more than 150 tornadoes

Only now starting to see how bad the tornadoes were here in the Southeast last night. Around this time of year, it’s incredible how many tornadoes come sweeping through. Although Atlanta is *usually* lucky enough not to be in direct line, the tornado that came through here a few years back was bad enough to rip windows off of several skyscrapers, and cause others to come tumbling down.

Interestingly enough, the Weather Channel predicted that the South would have a difficult time this season with tornadoes. “Dixie Alley” as the danger section is called, is far more active this season that the more renowned “Tornado Alley” in the plains. And new research actually points to whether or not the plains actually get less destructive tornadoes than the south does.

Definitely not a competition I’d want to win.

My thoughts are with all those towns were folks were barely lucky enough to make it out alive, and with the growing number who didn’t.

Tornadoes: 178 Killed Across South, Including 128 in Alabama – ABC News.