Hanging from the Rafters

Just posted a new steampunk story over at Wattpad, “Remember to Breathe”. It’s a new take on Spring-Heeled Jack, complete with piston boots and an unerring nose for trouble.  Here’s a short bit to give you a taste of what’s ahead.

The first step would be to test out his little toys. He lifted a leg cautiously, then landed it directly onto the heel to activate the trigger. Up, up he flew into the rafters, with just a single step. The laughter was bubbling out of him now, even as he started plummeting down to the floor again.  This time he was prepared. A second step, more firm than the first, and he had to catch himself on the ceiling to prevent from going straight through. His arms weren’t quite fast enough though as he bumped his head, cutting off his joy rather quickly as the world went out of focus.

“Damn…” he croaked, hanging still from the rafters like a chimpanzee.  “Jonathan! It looks like I need some help here.”

“Christ, Jack! You didn’t go ahead and test it already did you?”

“Quite possibly.”

I kind of imagine Jack and Jonathan’s interaction as being a flavor of Holmes and Watson to be honest with you, but Jack is just not as kind. He has a sizable cruel streak, though he probably wouldn’t necessarily see himself as malicious.

You can read the rest over here, and depending on the responses I get back for it, I may be adding to it.

First Draft of a Steampunk Piece

Thanks to my friends over at the Of the Pistol LJ community, I finally got the gumption to finish up a steampunk short story that has been gathering dust on my hard drive for a little while. Nothing special, but the dialogue makes me laugh, and the world is pretty interesting. It’s a steampunk imagining (re-imagining perhaps?) of Spring-Heeled Jack. I think I’ll be putting it aside for a bit and then come back to it to read over it again and edit it some.

By the way, in the process of doing research on this story, I came across this — isn’t it cool? Way too expensive for my measly pocketbook, but still it’s gorgeous!

Summary: Jack is trying out his new springed heels, and ends up getting caught in an awkward predicament. In the process of trying to get free he and his friend Jonathan discuss Jack’s plans and why he wants people he encounters to see the world with different eyes.

Project: Spring-Heeled Jack Steampunk
Pending titles: Baby Steps, Learning How to Breathe Again, or The Buzz of Living
New words written: 1,813

Total Words for 2012: 7,918
Considering I’ve been writing for a month, it’s pretty sad that this is all the progress I’ve gotten done. 😛

Steampunk Fashion & Lupin’s Off to Battle

This page… is made of so much win! ❤


A whole smorgasbord of awesome DIY Steampunk styles from create your own goggles, to duct tape corsets. Something tells me this is gonna be a useful resource as Dragon*Con gets closer and closer…

My favorites are the two Goggles tutorials, the steampunk bobby pin ideas, and the clockwork rings.

By the way, if you haven't seen it yet, MTV is doing a "competition" between Harry Potter characters. Right now Remus has already beaten out Argus Filtch, Hedwig, and *Dumbledore*. I know, I was amazed too.

Right now though he's against Hermoine. And although you'd think that be a far easier match for him, she's actually in the lead at the moment. Come now, we can't have that! Sure, she's a bright witch, but beating out a professor? I can't really see it. Especially since he's a werewolf that is keen at using light magic as well!

VOTE FOR REMUS! You know you want to. 😉
MTV Harry Potter World Cup