Six Sentence Sunday – Turning on the Theatrics

Here’s a snippet from a short story that was released just last week, “Against Our Better Judgment.” It’s a humorous horror story with a vampire and werewolf being forced to work together against an unexpected enemy.

Setup: Terry is going to have turn on the theatrics in order to throw off these Hunters. His vampire friend is now out for the count, so he’ll have to make this show look good.

Terry flicked his hand into a set of claws, and grimaced as he dragged the edges over his chest, face, and arms. They’d bleed just enough to make them look fresh, and even if the main wounds healed up, the blood would still look authentic. He ruffled his hair out once more before flinging himself out of the cave entrance and onto the ground.

“Oh god,” he moaned, coughing into the dirt.

“Oh my, one of their victims – we must be close!”

This story is now available as part of a collection in the horror anthology, Under the Stairs. If you would like to see another snippet from this piece, check out this older post.

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Six Sentence Sunday – The Rickety Desk

A bit of a switch up for me this week, I decided to post a snippet of the Scarecrow fanfiction I’m working on at the moment. Sometimes inspiration to veer off into fanfic is the best way to let my mind mull over where to take the plot for my book next. And after beating Arkham City last week, my mind’s been been revolving around the fandom!

Setup: Locked in Arkham Asylum, Crane has been informed that his mother is visiting. Considering that the last time he saw her he tried to kill her, he’s not too thrilled that she’s been asked to visit. Here he’s mulling over the simple desk in his cell.

It had taken him four months of good behavior to earn the right to have it, and other than his books and magazines, it was his most prized possession in here. She wouldn’t notice anything special about it though. To her it would be a rickety, lopsided desk with graffiti carved in on all sides, a dilapidated thing that would only be fit for a trash heap were they outside of the asylum. She wouldn’t know all the time he spent smiling at dim-witted doctors, all the drugs he’d swallowed down willingly knowing full-well that the side effects would be worse than the cure, or all the boring daytime talk shows he’d been forced to watch in the recreation room. She would only see an ugly, unfinished desk that was too big for such a tiny cell, and too big for the scrawny man that sat at it.

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