Drabble: Siblings

Prompt: Siblings

My dearest sister, how I miss you these days. We may not share a blood bond, but our bond was just as true. Remember when we went into the woods and built a fort? That became our hideaway for a full week when the village blamed us for their ten dead cattle. At the first sign of disease, they blamed those with powers they didn’t understand. You were always a clever builder, sister.

We went to the lake once and summoned forth the monsters that slept beneath the still waters. More than just fish answered us that day, and we learned about the neighbors we never knew we had. We gave each other the strength to face those dark, shadowy creatures; we gave each other the strength not to look away. We punished our enemies that day, sister, but we should have killed them.

Then we were accepted into the sisterhood and took the marks. Every time I look at my arm, every time I feel the puffy scar across my skin, I think of you. I think of us huddled together in those woods, I think of us standing in determination before that lake, and I remember the people who took you away.

I don’t know if you’re alive or not still, sister, but I will find you and I will punish your captors. If they have you bound, I will free you. If they have killed you, I swear, I will find a way to bring you back. Even if I must make a foul pact with some untrustworthy wretch, you will be at my side again.

Our friendship can’t be parted by death. We are a sisterhood that can’t be broken. Fear not, little sister, for I am coming for you. May our enemies quake in terror.

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