Halloween Parties and Suspicious Phantoms

I love October mostly because I love Halloween, and this year was no exception. Despite our trip earlier in the month, we still had our annual Halloween party, complete with a visit from the police. No, it wasn’t because of loud music or angering the neighbors or anything so obvious.

We live in an unfinished neighborhood, a subdivision with about half the homes it should. We have a tiny driveway which can quickly fill up come party time, so we recommend folks park along the street in one of the empty cul-de-sacs. We have maybe three or four of these on our street.

PhantomMaskI guess when one of our neighbors saw the Phantom of the Opera park in one of them, and hop out bearing a cooler, they freaked out and called the police. The reasoning the officer gave us was that sometimes firetrucks have to use cul-de-sacs to turn around in, so be careful when you park there. I have to say that I’m pleased we live in a neighborhood where people feel comfortable calling the police on *any* suspicion, but it was the first time we had a police visit in the five years we’ve had the parties.

Of course it probably didn’t help that we were all drinking at the time. Just imagine how my tipsy zombie friend reacted when he answered the door.

Police: *knock-knock-knock*
Zombie: *knock-knock-knock*
Police: This is the ___Police.
Zombie: Do you have cookies? *Opens the door slowly to a smiling officer*

Needless to say my zombie friend figured it was a party guest messing with him. We have an awesome police force out here, so they were probably just amused as we were. When I told him that we hadn’t had a problem in the 5 years we’ve been throwing these things, he said, “Then we don’t have a problem either.”

Sounds good to me!