Interview with Heather Kindt

Today I’m over on Heather Kindt’s website for an interview! We talked about my latest book release, Stolen, my novella, The She-Wolf of Kanta, and about what inspired me to start writing. It’s amazing what all you remember when you think back to what first inspired you to pick up the pen and put it to paper. It was a lot of fun!

Click here to check out the interview!
Click to check out the interview!

Those Burning Questions…

Do you ever sit around and wonder what kind of mascot or spirit animal I would choose?

No? Well why on Earth not??

I’ll give you a hint: it probably isn’t the animal you’re expecting.

To find out, you’ll need to head on over to JoBookLove and check out the interview I did! I talk about my writing process, how I deal with book reviews, and the most important question of all, what I consider my spirit animal.

Interview with Marlena Frank by JoBookLove