Reviews for Writers: Beautiful Hardcover Notebooks

Welcome to the first post in my new series: Reviews for Writers! Throughout this series, I’ll be posting my reviews for materials aimed at writers, specifically those who write by hand.

There are a bunch of journals and pens and desk tools out there, and I want to give my thoughts on them specifically from an author’s perspective. I don’t see enough of that out there.

Labkiss Hardcover Notebook

My first thoughts on the Labkiss Hardcover Notebook are how nice they feel! These hardback journals are smooth and remind me of some of my favorite journals to use growing up. They have a sturdy bookmark in them and a binding elastic that feels pretty solid too.

Most important (to me) are the pen tests. For those of us who write by hand, the feathering, bleed through, and drying time are some of the most important aspects of a potential writing journal. Here are my takeaways:

  • Fountain pen ink went down wonderfully and has hardly any shadowing on the opposite page
  • Highlighters might bleed through if you double your lines
  • Sharpie markers will bleed through to the opposite side of the page, but not onto the opposite page, which is really great for a Sharpie

See my video for my full breakdown and thoughts.

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Disclaimer: I obtained these items through the Amazon Vine program. Other than receiving the items for free, I was not compensated in any way by Amazon or the manufacturer. All opinions here are my own.