Drabble: A Father’s Lament

Prompt: Ran Away

You left when I wasn’t looking, you didn’t even say goodbye; is that any way to treat your father? I’m left alone once again, a broken husk of what I used to be. I move between extremes, wondering if I’ll ever forgive you, but knowing that I will.

I wish a thousand impossibilities. I wish we hadn’t fought, and that I hadn’t been so harsh. I regret the way my words skewered you enough to make you run like an injured lamb into the night.

You ran to be free of me, as painful as that is to say. You went into that unknown world, without even so much as a farewell. I hope you’re safe. I hope you’re alive. It’s not the first time I’ve been abandoned. I know I won’t lay forever on the floor, staring up at the pictures that hang along the walls; but that doesn’t fix my shattered heart. I’ll pick up the pieces, I’ll somehow survive, but I won’t ever be the same.

You didn’t know it when you ran away, but you took a piece of me with you. If you ever do come back, if I am ever worth coming back for, just know that I still love you. Despite my words, despite your anger; there is always a place for you here beside your crazy, dysfunctional dad.

Stay safe, Sweetheart.

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