Should I Feel Guilty?

Still here, and still caught up with Camp NaNo for the time being!

Almost half way!

Almost half way!

You know sometimes I feel guilty as a writer that I’m working on a fanfiction piece instead of some original work, but it’s also really freeing at the same time. There is quite a bit of pressure when you write original stories. Even if you try hard not to worry about it, there are thoughts swirling in the back of your mind. You wonder how your plots will be seen, what people will think of the characters you’ve made, if people will have trouble understanding the magic or technology in your world, what statements you’re making with the choices you make. It’s silly stuff really, but will sit in the back of your mind like the smell of trash left in the kitchen for too long. Even if you don’t notice it, your writing does.

When you write fanfiction, lots of those problems are handled for you already. Don’t like the characters? They’re part of the fandom. Don’t understand the magic? Take a look at the references in these books/episodes/movies. Of course then you get a ton of other questions to worry about. If you write someone out of character (OOC) then you’ll piss off a good chunk of fans. If your plot diverts too far from the original, you won’t even see a fraction of the readers. All these things have to be considered. As a writer, it’s kind of nice to have a different set of problems I suppose. As I saw mentioned once, it’s fun playing with someone else’s toys and not having to make your own.

Technically I didn’t need to get writing in today, but I always prefer to have a buffer. I hate running behind because then it’s always difficult to catch up again.

In other news, I’m almost done with Stephen King’s Joyland. It’s really interesting to read since I’m partway through The Shining right now too. I had to stop The Shining before going on vacation, because Jack Torrence was yelling at people over the phone and just generally being angry all the time, and I simply couldn’t get into it. Not with my sister getting married and a fun vacation on the way. Jack was kind of becoming a party downer, though I guess that’s kind of what he’s supposed to be. I couldn’t see his perspective at all, and his anger was starting to make me angry. So I’m letting that book breathe for a while to read something different.

joyland_stephenkingJoyland so far is very much the opposite. Sometimes it’s tough to believe that both were written by the same writer. Of course Stephen King is older, more settled, and probably happier than he was when he wrote The Shining. The writing style is still there of course, along with the fabulous descriptions, the character mannerisms, and the dialects that I love in his work, but the protagonist is an optimist. He doesn’t start that way of course, but he gets more optimistic, more sure of himself, as the story progresses.

Of course, I haven’t reached the end yet. It’s dangerous that the protagonist is a nice guy, cause he is in a Stephen King novel after all. Plus Goodreads lists it in the Horror, Thriller, and Mystery genres, so I’ll be curious to see what happens to our nice guy protagonist. It’s a fun read though, especially for the summer. I probably would have finished it at the beach if i hadn’t rained so often. Some of my favorite stuff was the description of carnie life, the way the college kids on summer break get trained to run the rides, and of course all the supernatural stuff that’s sprinkled throughout.

I’ll probably be posting up a more detailed review once I’m done. So far it’s been a blast.

This is not the writing you’re looking for

So apparently my muse decided to take a bit of a detour. I was reading over an interesting discussion on the Livejournal community batfic_contest where folks were talking about the various reasons they haven’t been following Batman fanfiction much lately. I admit I’ve been just as guilty of this as the next person, but I was curious to see why other folks have been veering out of the Batman writing world for the last few months.

Almost everyone was talking about how the latest Batman comics have really turned the fandom south. I personally haven’t collected comics since the early 2000s. I tried a few years back but couldn’t get involved in the storylines. They didn’t feel as interesting and epic to me as they did then, and now I’m seeing that plenty of other folks feel the same way. Regardless of how well the movies have been going, the latest comics have just been… well, downright awful. Take a look at what Hefner had to say about Harvey Dent’s few appearances back in April.

No, you know what? Why don’t you see a picture?

This in my opinion is one of the main reasons folks are disenchanted with Batman comics lately. Imagine that you’ve seen The Dark Knight for the first time. You didn’t believe all the hype and waited around before finally getting exposed to it. You love it. You want to read more about this world, so you go out and buy a few issues of The Dark Knight comic series. You’re thinking, hey this is probably in the same vein as the films, right? Surely DC is learning from the popularity of the movies and is trying to market this, right? No, no, think again. The above picture of Two-Face (hyped up on some venom or toxin more than likely) is from the second issue of this comic, proving without a doubt that it wasn’t following in the same tone, style, or interest as the popular Nolan films have.


Anyway I’ll step off my soap box for a bit and give you my word count for the day. It’s not on Ghosts of Pike’s Peak, but a Batman fanfiction piece instead. The next film’s coming out soon and I feel like I ought to get primed for it somehow. Even if the comic industry refuses to help out. The story still needs some cleaning up and some polishing, but the rough draft is done. It had Kelley laughing aloud earlier, so it passed my litmus test.

If you’re interested in reading it, I’ll be posting it at some point over the next week or so in response for the latest Nolanverse contest, Why Do We Fall? I hope you’ll take the time to drop by and read the entries, vote, and maybe even add your own writing as well.

Project: Told You So

Summary: An explosion destroys a building, flinging Batman and Dr. Crane in opposite directions. Surrounded by fire and smoke, police dogs are in the distance and a helicopter hovers above. Both of them are badly injured, but somehow must work together to find a way out of this mess. Post-TDK. From Crane’s perspective.

Current total words: 2,942

Total Words for 2012: 55,431


Anyone who claimed they knew these tunnels so well obviously didn’t know a damn thing about them. Crane told him so. The Batman glared and continued regardless. Sometimes even the brightest pupil would only learn by making a mistake on their own. The Batman was apparently one of those types of students. Crane was not in the least bit surprised.

Six Sentence Sunday – The Rickety Desk

A bit of a switch up for me this week, I decided to post a snippet of the Scarecrow fanfiction I’m working on at the moment. Sometimes inspiration to veer off into fanfic is the best way to let my mind mull over where to take the plot for my book next. And after beating Arkham City last week, my mind’s been been revolving around the fandom!

Setup: Locked in Arkham Asylum, Crane has been informed that his mother is visiting. Considering that the last time he saw her he tried to kill her, he’s not too thrilled that she’s been asked to visit. Here he’s mulling over the simple desk in his cell.

It had taken him four months of good behavior to earn the right to have it, and other than his books and magazines, it was his most prized possession in here. She wouldn’t notice anything special about it though. To her it would be a rickety, lopsided desk with graffiti carved in on all sides, a dilapidated thing that would only be fit for a trash heap were they outside of the asylum. She wouldn’t know all the time he spent smiling at dim-witted doctors, all the drugs he’d swallowed down willingly knowing full-well that the side effects would be worse than the cure, or all the boring daytime talk shows he’d been forced to watch in the recreation room. She would only see an ugly, unfinished desk that was too big for such a tiny cell, and too big for the scrawny man that sat at it.

Be sure to drop by Six Sentence Sunday to see what other juicy teasers have been posted!

Two Down, One to Go

Woot! I finished my edits for both of my Big Bang fanfiction pieces! *Happy Dance*

I still have a whole novel to finish revising and editing, but to celebrate getting these two done I’ll be using a piece from My Life as a Dead Man: Regulus Black, Post-Mortem for my Six Sentence Sunday choice. I have no clue if I’ll have anybody get annoyed at me using fanfiction instead of original fiction, but oh well. Writing is writing in my book, and both of these were a blast to work on.

As the Seventh Month Dies – Done & Ready for Big Bang Posting.
My Life as a Dead Man: Regulus Black, Post-Mortem – Done & Ready for Big Bang Posting.

Suzie’s Nightmare is the next piece on my radar. Looking forward to diving in!