Prickly Fairy Promises

Woe be to the man or woman who is foolish enough to break a promise with a fairy.

I think I found the tagline for this novel. I had a blast writing these last few sections, and allowed myself the freedom to pants it a little bit. Shaleigh discovered a portion of the castle that she didn’t realize existed and witnessed something she probably didn’t need to see. Oh and did I mention that an error on my part led to another interesting twist in the novel that I hadn’t accounted for? I kind of love when that happens.

Creeping up to the 40k mark on this book, and very close to the climax. I kind of don’t want the story to end since I’m having so much fun with this land, but I can’t drag my feet. Do that and you’ll end up losing your reader.

Project: Madam Cloom’s Garden

Summary: Shaleigh’s world is so complicated, that it’s no wonder she’s known for being rebellious and argumentative at school. With her father constantly crying over what he’s lost, and a friend going through major life changes, Shaleigh finds herself feeling more and more out of touch with the people around her. She feels isolated, ignored, and angry.

Then she and her father get into a car accident, and her entire world changes. When she’s greeted by a talking stone animal, she realizes that she’s either dead, crazy, or in another world. But the beautiful land Shaleigh has landed in has its dark secrets, and she’s not as welcome there as she believes.

Current Word Count: 38,579

New Words Written Today: 2,726

Progress: Dangerous explorations lead to a heap of trouble. Plus I tightened up a few details with the previous discussion with the antagonist from yesterday. She’s got the tools she needs, now she just has to figure out when to use them.

Total Words for 2013: 41,756

Six Sentence Sunday – Beautiful Catharine

So I’m trying out this Six Sentence Sunday business, which seems like not only a great way to give folks snippets of what you’re working on, but also to keep me motivated as well. If I don’t have something to post for the Six Sentence Sunday, then that means I’m falling off the writing wagon. 😉

Here’s a little snippet of the fairy tale I finished up this week. It still needs some editing before I begin shopping it around, but after sitting in my writing folder for the past 3-4 months, I finally wiped the dust off and finished it.

Setup: Catharine lives in the woods as a lone hunter, Telis wandered up from the village below.

Telis was trembling, “There are many who fear you, lady. Many who say you lure men to their deaths in these woods.”

Catharine laughed outright at that, “Lure men to their deaths? I dare say they come hunting my death, and I am forced to defend myself. You are indeed the first to actually speak to me as though I am human and not some beast of the woods.”

He seemed surprised, “You are human then?”

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Catharine and Telis

I think reading The Secret Garden has gotten me in the mood to explore fairy tales again. And I’ve wanted to pick up this story to finish for quite some time.

Project: Beautiful Catharine (working title)
Deadline: ??
Writing for: Cabinet des Fées??
New words written: 3485
Present total word count: 4391
Total Word Count for 2011: 93,505
Things Accomplished in Fiction: Catharine tries to figure out if Telis is telling her the truth, or if he’s just a plain idiot. He helps her find her true voice once again, but the dangerous villagers come back to the forefront again.

Not quite sure if I want to leave this story as is. I’m never entirely sure with stories that end on a sad note, and it’s not something I do all the time. However for this piece, I feel like it’s almost necessary for the message to get across. Not all fairy tales end with a “Happily Ever After” after all.

Fairy Tale Love

New review posted for Rapunzel’s Daughters!

“What a cool book! I have always loved fairy tales and I personally have been very happy to see the resurgence in new takes on some of my favorite fairy tales.”

Check out the rest over at: A Bookish Affair. And if you haven’t gotten a chance yet, be sure to pick up a copy for yourself.