Merciless Stars

Merciless Stars
By: Candace Robinson

A story about two sisters who have to work together to solve the corruption in their world? Yes, please!

I’m a sucker for these kinds of sisters against the world stories, and this one was amazing. Robinson once again blends steamy romance with a horrific fantasy world to create a blend that is uniquely hers. I raved about The Bone Valley when I read it last year which has a similar vibe, and while it’s still my favorite book of hers, this one comes very close.

Two sisters, Afton and Silver, who had to claw their way out from under the thumb of their abusive parents are left with the emotional damage and cruelty left behind. They can tap into the magic of their land, transforming themselves in the process. While Silver tends to be the more optimistic of the two, she regularly taps into dark magic, including the land of the dead, from which she pulls a soul to live within a wax body. Her older sister, Afton, took the brunt of the cruelty of their parents and ended up with a lot of anger because of it. She is more cruel, more terse, and more brutal than her sister. Only Silver can bring out the kindness of her sister.

The sisters have their bond to keep them above the horrors of their past, but as they investigate a nearby kingdom and learn of the curse that has befallen it, they soon realize things aren’t what they seem.

I fell in love with Silver almost instantly, and Keelan as well, her wax servant. Once again I find so many characters to root for. This world was so nuanced and so well-built that I could envision the walls of their castle and the grounds where they rode their horses. I was slowly drawn into this unique world, but once I hit the halfway point, it was hard to put down! I’ve learned to expect this from Robinson’s books now!

A wonderful, steamy read with unforgettable world-building, spooky monsters, and layered characters. I recommend it for fans of dark romance and fantastic worlds. Robinson is clearly finding her stride, and I’m very much here for it.

5/5 bloody hearts