Happy Release Day to A Beautiful Specimen

Every year I try to release a standalone short story that is more on the weird/bizarre side of horror. Sometimes it turns into a story about a woman out on the open sea trying to find answers to her mysterious past. And other times it turns into a horror scifi piece that definitely leans into the bizarre.

Inspired by the femme fatale stories I’ve loved and the disturbing science fiction stories out there, A Beautiful Specimen follows a woman with a dangerous secret.

A Beautiful Specimen

On one of the upper floors of an apartment complex downtown, Alice keeps a secret. It isn’t hidden in a closet or in a dresser drawer, but in a spacious bathtub. As she comes home from a long day of work and hangs up her keys, she hears it thumping against the porcelain in anticipation of her return.

Alice isn’t at all what she seems. Worse yet, she’s ready to move to the next stage.

Now available at your favorite online retailer for only $0.99.

Stories can’t leave me alone apparently

It’s a well known fact that author brains don’t always like to stay focused on the task at hand. You might be writing away on your current novel, or heading in to work, when suddenly your brain is mulling over ideas for a novel you haven’t even begun yet. It’s the crux of being a writer. You want that creativity, hell that’s the font producing all the wonderful ideas that produce your stories, but it’s also a bit of a pain.

This morning I was driving in to work when a song came on my iPod that reminded me of this book idea I’ve had for quite a while. (It was Junkie XL’s “We Become One” followed by “Such a Tease”.) What was my ridiculous mind pondering? A fabulous plot hook? An engaging character? No, just the summary. 😛

So here’s my summary for the upcoming novel, “Destruction from Within”. It started out as a short story, but then I realized this could have a really powerful impact as a novel. So I shelved the story and have been holding onto it for when I finish the two books for my werewolf series. Let me know if you would be interested in reading it.

Destruction from Within

Sam Henry is at the lowest point in his life. He lost his job six months ago, his wife left him, and his house is being foreclosed on. He’s a bitter man forced to live on the streets due to his “affair with bad luck” as his fellow homeless say.

When a beautiful woman claiming to be an alien asks him to destroy humanity, how could Sam refuse? Sure that would include his ex-wife and his old boss, but they deserve it. When faced with the reality of his decision, Sam begins to have second thoughts, but it might be too late to back out.