Tough Love from Rebecca T. Dickson

I’m really tempted to get the poster of this. So much of this is just on point!

• Write for yourself. Failing that, write for one person.

• Listening to ten other people means ten extra people in your head when you write.

• That will fuck you up faster than a Sarah Palin gaffe.


Rebecca T Dickson | Crap someone should have told you writers by now.


What to do After Landing the Agent

You can tell what I’ve been researching, can’t you?

A quick read on what to do once you’ve indeed landed the agent. In short, be professional, polite, and respectful. Treat it like you would any other business arrangement and you’ll be fine.

My favorite piece of advice? Make good art. Because isn’t that what this writing stuff is all about?

Jessica Negrón: CLIENT ALERT: Emmie Mears — 5 Ways to Show Your New Agent You’re A Pro.

Steampunk Fashion & Lupin’s Off to Battle

This page… is made of so much win! ❤

A whole smorgasbord of awesome DIY Steampunk styles from create your own goggles, to duct tape corsets. Something tells me this is gonna be a useful resource as Dragon*Con gets closer and closer…

My favorites are the two Goggles tutorials, the steampunk bobby pin ideas, and the clockwork rings.

By the way, if you haven't seen it yet, MTV is doing a "competition" between Harry Potter characters. Right now Remus has already beaten out Argus Filtch, Hedwig, and *Dumbledore*. I know, I was amazed too.

Right now though he's against Hermoine. And although you'd think that be a far easier match for him, she's actually in the lead at the moment. Come now, we can't have that! Sure, she's a bright witch, but beating out a professor? I can't really see it. Especially since he's a werewolf that is keen at using light magic as well!

VOTE FOR REMUS! You know you want to. 😉
MTV Harry Potter World Cup