The Stolen Series


In the garden
Nothing is as it seems

Book 1 of the Stolen Series

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A completely original story that is a breath of fresh air on the YA Fantasy genre!

Suzy Michael on Goodreads

I definitely enjoyed seeing such a great female protagonist who uses her creative faculties to survive this chess board world where one misstep could mean an end game.

Alex Lopez from The Reading Corner For All
Cover of Stolen, Book 1 of the Stolen series


It’s a victory, but at what price?

Book 2 of the Stolen series

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She took her unique story and made it even better than the first (I didn’t think that was possible).

Celia McMahon, Author of the Best-Selling Unspoken Series

Do yourself a favor and start at the beginning because you won’t want to miss a minute of this adventure.

Brittney on Goodreads


Can she stop what she unleashed?

Releases March 23, 2021

Book 3 of the Stolen series

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Cover for Chosen, Book 3 of the Stolen series

Explore the World of Stolen

Here are some ways you can continue to learn more about this fantastic world:

Beach Trip – A cute short story featuring Mawr and the Lady Sphinx.

The Impostor and Other Dark Tales – A collection of short stories with several shorts written within the World of Stolen, including flash fiction which helped to inspire the series.

You can also browse through the #WorldofStolen hashtag on Instagram. I’ve posted dozens of posts, character spotlights, and history with this tag.