The Darkest Lullaby

Press Release

An anthology full of suspense and horror just in time for Halloween

Six authors come together to bring to life thrilling and heart-pounding horror stories of nannies and their wards, creating unsettling tales that will haunt the reader and linger in the mind long after.

A nanny’s job is never easy, and sometimes their wards are truly nightmarish. These authors explore some of the worst nanny jobs imaginable, sometimes with hellish consequences.

A governess is plagued by nightmares of her own death each night—but are they mere dreams? Atrocities of the past collide with the future for a nighttime nanny. Secrets surrounding a castle are murderous for a caregiver. A failed witch’s apprentice must take up her late aunt’s babysitting shift at a terrifying house. For one babysitter, discovering the truth about a local house, and her ward, comes with a hefty price. An unsuspecting young woman gets more than she bargained for when she takes on a nannying job… for a doll.

Your new favorite hair-raising thrill awaits.

“It is not every day you come across stories that have been marinated in suspense, cooked in gore, and finished up in an intriguing fashion that creates a horror story. […] The notable aspect of this collections the way each author takes the ordinary and pushes it to the edge of reason in such a manner that will make the reader question the very essence of logic when attempting to solve these puzzles.

The Darkest Lullaby is a horror masterpiece in its purest form.”

Essien Asian with Readers’ Favorite

The Darkest Lullaby is published by Midnight Tide Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-958673-54-6
To be published: 10/25/2023

Available online at:

Elle Beaumont loves creating vivid and fantastical worlds. She lives in Southeastern Massachusetts with her husband and two children. When not writing or chasing around her children, she enjoys making candles. More than once she has proclaimed that coffee is the lifeblood and it is how she refrains from becoming a zombie.

On writing her story ‘You Can Close Your Eyes’, Elle Beaumont said it “is a cautionary tale of following your gut before taking a job. Set in a contemporary setting, it features a Victorian house with dark secrets, a mysterious client, and a sinister ward that has the protagonist questioning everything.”

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Katya de Becerra is an Australian author of YA horror-thrillers. She was going to be an Egyptologist when she grew up, but instead she earned a PhD in Anthropology. Her latest book is When Ghosts Call Us Home.

Discussing her approach to writing a story that fits the theme of the anthology, Katya de Becerra said “my story, ‘That Thing in the House with the Arched Roof,’ offers a twist on a coming-of-age story of a reluctant witch, set against the backdrop of dark fairy tales; it features a haunted house, an otherworldly hedge maze and a sinister presence that hangs over a pair of siblings; it’s an exploration of grief, belonging and familial ties.”

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Jessica Cranberry lives in the Sierra Nevada foothills with her family and spends days striking a balance between parenthood, teaching, and writing–suspense novels and eclectic short stories mostly. When she’s not doing those things, she’s reading, attempting to garden, or hiking around town. She’s an okay baker, and has been known to paint on occasion.

On crafting her story, Jessica Cranberry said, “Persimmon Brewer never had a chance at a regular childhood, mostly because she’s being exploited by her celebrity mom. “A Little Blood and a Broken Cage” explores the lengths–and consequences–adults will go to in order to gain fame, power, and knowledge.”

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Marlena Frank is a bestselling author whose work has received several 5-star reviews from Readers’ Favorite. She has written short stories professionally for thirteen years and her work has appeared in anthologies such as The Librarian Reshelved, Emporium of Superstitions, and Georgia Gothic. She has published ten solo titles in young adult fantasy, horror, and science fiction. Her blog and website can be found at

Describing her approach to writing her story, ‘The Silver Whistle,’ Marlena Frank said, “my story explores the subversive allure of luxury and wealth that can blind a person from the dangerous patterns they live in. A mixture of mystery and horror with supernatural elements set in a Victorian manor house, this suspenseful tale is certain to have readers turning pages to see what happens next.”

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C. Vonzale Lewis is the best-selling author of the Blood and Sacrifice Chronicles and various short fiction. She resides in Hesperia, CA where she spends her days plotting the demise of her enemies. All her stories tend to be dark with a little mystery thrown in and some love to round out the mix. When not writing, she enjoys reading, spending time with her husband, and binge-watching British crime fiction. Her website can be found at

Explaining her approach to writing her story, “When You Hear Them Scream”, C. Vonzale Lewis said it “is a tale that brings the atrocities of the past into focus and forces a descendant of said crimes to go through extraordinary means to protect the two young children she is charged with caring for. Located in the chilly city of San Francisco, my story features a clock that feeds on souls, an immortal cult, and a ghost who has waited hundreds of years to free the souls of the stolen.”

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D.M. Siciliano is a best-selling horror author who has penned three novels and contributed to two anthologies since 2019. She grew up in New England but traded the dark, gray skies in for the sunnier skies of Napa Valley. She still clings to the darkness in her writing, though.

Discussing her inspiration for her short story, “A Mother’s Love”, Siciliano said, “During the pandemic, I nannied for two girls, and they loved that I wrote horror. The younger would try to scare me while I was focused on my editing, and I told her that eventually I’d write a story inspired by her.

This particular story follows Alexandra, a teenage girl who takes on a nannying job that seems too easy, only to discover there is darkness and secrets within the house. The young girl she nannies for turns out to be just a doll… or is she?”

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