Lunch with Suzie & the A-Team


Over 50% of the novel edited? 😀 Happy times! Starting chapter 11 now. Went out with friends last night to have dinner in the cold rain, then came home and showed them an episode of The A-Team: Pros and Cons.

And since it’s on Hulu for free, you can watch it too.

Somehow I missed this during my childhood. Sure, it has a bunch of silliness in it, but what a fun ride! Slowly I’m crawling my way through Netflix and watching more of these. Don’t worry, I’ll try to share a few gems as I go along. 😉

Favorite Quote:

Murdock: They don’t let crazy people vote! They take that right away from you once you’re commited. We are also immune to fear. We cannot connect emotionally to the concept of cerebal damage.
B.A. Baracus: I gettin’ tired of this crazy rap, Murdock.
Murdock: How do you think I feel about it? I have to listen to it all day.

By the way, it’s crazy how you have to tweak video embed links to get them to work on here properly. Especially for a large video streaming company like Hulu. Had to go here to figure it out finally. /rant

Bag o’ Links

Wow, not much progress over lunch today. Mostly because there was some heavy rewriting involved. And after a long morning meeting, I’m amazed I worked my way through the section.

I did however find some interesting links I’d like to share with you folks out there still checking out my blog.

The first was shared on SFWA’s Writer Beware.

How to get Published: The Definitive Post
How to Write a Query Letter
What Genre is your Book?

This last blog post of course prompted me to wonder what Suzie’s genre might be. Unfortunately there is no definitive definition that I could find, but I did find this handy, dandy listing:

Literary Fiction Genres

After reading all through the horror/fantasy sections, I think Suzie’s best summed up as a Dark Contemporary novel. Though I don’t know if that catches the supernatural elements as well as I’d like. Again, it’s kind of a mishmash of different genres. Guess I’ll figure that part out when I get to actually writing a query letter.

Wicked West, Glass Tunnels, and Pirates

So I haven’t updated over here in a few days, partly because work has been sapping my time and also because I’ve been busy editing & playing video games to zone out on. I’m up to chapter 11 with my edits on Suzie, meaning we’re well over halfway and much closer to the end. I believe there are only 18 chapters in the book.

I did finally finish my Wicked West tale and submitted it to Pill Hill Press’ Wicked West anthology. And because they’re so awesome, they allow folks to post teasers of their submitted pieces. You can read the first 500ish words of “The Night Feeders” over here. Of course it features a vicious villain (what western doesn’t have one?), a damsel in distress, and an out of town stranger who may have some supernatural qualities. 😉 There’s also lots of other cool snippets over there. Some that likely were accepted to the anthologies, some that weren’t, but all are pretty cool if you go browsing.

In other news, I’m working on a glass tunnel in Minecraft. Yesterday I was on call for work and therefore couldn’t really dedicate myself to editing like I wanted, so this game was perfect for passing the time and having fun. Going to be posting a video to Youtube of a funny experience I had with creepers and spiders. I make it with Fraps (which I purchased oh so long ago when I was still taking CS courses) and pulled out Premiere Pro to add a few bells and whistles. Haven’t gotten the chance to play with that in a long time, so that was fun. Of course when I went to upload it to Youtube it was around 1.5 GB in size, so our internet got bogged down. Going to have to upload it at some point when I don’t need to be online. When is that exactly? 😉

In other news, the Lucius Big Bang 2011 will be starting signups soon, so I’m excited about that. Last year I hopped into the fun too late and didn’t get a chance to write anything for it. After I got so much good feedback on the Malfoys in Short of a Dark Lord, I decided to write some more fiction with them in it. Lucius is one of my favorite characters in the HP universe after all, so not writing fiction based around him is… well odd for me. Time to rectify that!

We’re also starting a new Pathfinder game this weekend, and I’ll likely be playing a dual-wielding human Ranger. I considered being an elf again, but decided to be something different. Of course being a dual-wielding ranger limits the races you can choose though. Originally I thought a gnome would be cool, but they’re not really built for that kind of design. Halflings…hmm, I just can’t get into them. I love playing them in video games and reading about them, but roleplaying one? No thanks. Oh, and the theme will be that we’re pirates, so my chaotic good character is going to have to need some robin hood traits to keep from moving down to neutral or evil alignment. 😉

Lunch Edits

Progress on the edits for Suzie’s Nightmare I did over lunch:

And I’m up to chapter 13 now. Not too shabby! I pretty much just got past the last peak of the story before the fast-paced fall of the climax. Its lots of fun reading over this again, cleaning up things as I go. And I found a loose end I may need to clean up.