Beginnings of a Novel

So far my burgeoning novel, tentatively titled Suzie’s Nightmare, is coming along quite nicely. My rough draft is over 44k and climbing steadily. I have to admit that NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) has had a huge impact on how quickly this novel has grown in the past week or so. I’ve got a few ideas for a book cover, and maybe on down the road a book trailer in the works.

And just so you know, my home region of Atlanta, GA is ranked #14 worldwide with a whopping 9,180,023 words. *Cheer!* It’s amazing to know there is so much creativity being produced at this very moment. And just for the record – that’s a lot of books!

Stay tuned for more details!

Prepping for Thanksgiving

Okay, who all’s looking forward to Thanksgiving this year? *raises a hand high* Something about this time of the year just begs for a vacation, and although I’m working all the way up to the day before turkey day, I’m excited! There’s nothing quite like hanging out with family and friends with a smorgasbord of food laid out. Oh and we definitely like having lots of food.

Pretty much everyone in my family loves to cook. I can’t think of an immediate family member who doesn’t in fact, and we all have our special foods. I’m typically the baker, though this November I’ve opted to make baked beans instead of some chocolate covered dessert. That I’m hoping to do in December.

With the coming of Thanksgiving, I’m also very much aware of the dwindling time left to NaNoWriMo, and I’m very pleased to report that my novel Suzie’s Nightmare is nearing completion. With less than 10k before my goal is reached, I’m looking forward to putting this beloved story of mine off to the side for a bit to let it stew in the back of my brain. So when I pull it out to do a second draft come January, it should feel fresh so that I can get a good readers’ perspective on it to trim up the story.

To give you a bit of a teaser, here’s a concept cover I came up with using a variety of pieces from Deviant Art. In my mind’s eye, this is pretty close to accurate for representations of my main characters. Its nice to finally have a real face to associate with them.

suzie nightmare,book cover

– Abe: Angry Man by Funtoon
– Fred: Are You Nervous? by Circledot
– Suzie: Nervous by Brittsperspective
– Woods: Dark forest by 1yae

NaNoWriMo & Clawbinder Updates

So I completed NaNoWriMo today – the first draft of Suzie’s Nightmare is now finished. Time to do the difficult part now and put it aside for a bit, so that I can pick it up closer to January for the second draft, which by the way is much more time-consuming.

Also the print version of Short.Story-Me!’s Anthology #2 just got released. And it’s also available in Kindle edition. Note that if you have the Kindle app on your iPhone, you can always download a sample of the book to see what you think of it first. I recently read Michael Lucas’ short story “Wednesday’s Seagulls”, which is the first story in the anthology via the Kindle preview ability. Definitely not what you’re expecting it to be, and quite a page-turner.

Short.Story-Me Anthology #2
On the Kindle
In Print

Eyes are Burning

(Pages not words btw)

Doing a self-cleaning of the oven today, so my eyes are burning like mad lol. But I guess it’s not so bad considering we haven’t ever done a self-cleaning since we moved in around 2 years back. So it’s a learning process.

Edits on Suzie seem to be back on track now, which I’m glad for. I’m also probably going to start cross-posting these public updates to my blog on wordpress. So if you’re interested in what all I’ve had published (and what’s in progress of being published) drop by and take a look. =)

And look at that! Over 1/3 of the way into the edits for the book! So pleased.