The Impostor and Other Dark Tales


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The beautiful and the bizarre

Something watches from the corner of the room, peeking through a crack, existing within an impossible space—what does it want?

The ghost of a lover returns at the end of a lifetime, carrying a dark secret—what will she say?

A woman struggling with identity finds herself in the arms of a dangerous woman with a mysterious curse—what will she find?

The beautiful and the bizarre exist side by side in this collection of fantastic and strange tales by prolific short story author, Marlena Frank. From dark fantasy stories of sharp-toothed mermaids and bewitched sorceresses to horror stories with ferocious bird beasts and golden-eyed monsters that live in the peripheral of human existence, these stories bring to life the creatures that haunt the nightmare world.

From heart-rending to heart-pounding, these tales will linger long after reading them.

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Signed Paperback, ePub, PDF

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