Ominous Hour Volume 1


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Get your copy of Ominous Hour Volume 1. This collected paperback is exclusively available to my monthly supporters, at in-person events, and here on this site.


A series of standalone short stories all themed around weird horror. If you enjoy horror stories with creature features and a Twilight Zone vibe, you may enjoy this collection.


A Beautiful Specimen

Book 1 of An Ominous Hour

On one of the upper floors of an apartment complex downtown, Alice keeps a secret. It isn’t hidden in a closet or in a dresser drawer, but in a spacious bathtub. As she comes home from a long day of work and hangs up her keys, she hears it thumping against the porcelain in anticipation of her return.

Alice isn’t at all what she seems. Worse yet, she’s ready to move to the next stage.



Book 2 of An Ominous Hour

June has always been in motion. She’s never satisfied with a place for long, so she’s always moving and never content. Even her love life is a maelstrom, leaving behind a long list of lovers. After years of searching for a sense of belonging, she is drawn to the ocean waters near Leekston. She convinces Jeremy, a wealthy young playboy with a yacht, to take her out to the cold open waters.

She hopes to find answers, but Jeremy expects compensation for his trip and something watches in the deep waters. They are not alone.

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