Fantasy Short Fiction

  • The Blade Filled With Stars – Two sisters work with Death to take down a winged evil Queen. Exclusive free story for mailing list subscribers.
  • La Femme en Rouge – Mardi Gras Fantasy. Coming March 31, 2020 with Filles Vertes Press.
  • Curse of Beauty – Fairy Tale Fantasy. Published in May 2016 with Heroic Fantasy Quarterly. Available to read for free.
  • The Sky is Falling – Steampunk/Fairy Tale. A retelling of the classic Chicken Little story. Published by Pink Narcissus Press in July 2011.
  • Clawbinder – High Fantasy, Saira must battle Rajani, one of the dangerous Great Ones. Published by Short-Story.Me! in August 2010. My very first short story publication.