Six Sentence Sunday – Old Freight Elevator

Some more from my Secrets of Leekston novel, my latest major WIP. Definitely will be ramping up the work on this as NaNoWriMo creeps ever closer. It’s a complicated novel with many paths and twists, but I’m really looking forward to it! Oh and if you’re participating in NaNo this year, add me! My username is: lenaf007.

Setup: Work at the Memorial Hills Research Facility is just as shady as it sounds.

It was nearly dawn when he came into work, having spent the last week at an extended stay hotel. His hours were too long, too sporadic for him to be able to stay home for long. Not without rising suspicion in his family and friends at least. It was a small price to pay for the reward he gained working at Memorial Hills. The place was a wreck on the outside, but once you took the old freight elevator down a hundred feet or so, the walls were no longer cold stone, but sleek metal instead. There was a slight jolt as the runners moved over from the rough tracks to the clean ones, both of which were inspected daily of course – nothing could be left to chance in a place that attempted so hard to look unkempt and unruly, to look like a place that not even the homeless would care to tread.

I love creating the mood of this place, though I’d never want to actually step foot inside myself. I know what happens there…

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